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Why Medlar House?

Because Medlar House is easy to access, comfortable, budget friendly, convenient. It can be hired from 4 nights to several weeks. 


Surrey Research Park, Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford Business Park, University of Surrey, Guildford College are all less than 3 miles away. You can reach all of these places with only one bus journey without having to pay expensive car park fees.

Contractors who are working in Guildford area. 

With easy access to major roads, pubs, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and takeaway and late night convenience shops, Medlar House offers an excellent base.

International holiday makers.

If you are visiting Surrey and want to access to many different parts of South East of England, Guildford is the perfect base for you. Twenty minutes drive to Heathrow, 45 min to Gatwick, half an hour train journey to London, within one hour of drive to sea side, Medlar House is just the right place for you to visit all of South East by doing only daily trips.

Families with children. 

Medlar House is located in a residential area with no thorough traffic. A large back garden secured with a 6 feet fence and a spacious front garden opening to a green makes it so easy for youngsters to run around freely.

Festival goers. 

Stoke Park which hosts Guilfest is only 10 minutes walk away. Many festivals; literature, music, book and craft festivals are held in and around Guildford. Being 1.5 miles away from town centre, Medlar House is conveniently located to get to festival venues by foot which removes the hassle of finding a parking space at busy times.

Athletes, sports participants. 

Guildford Spectrum is 15 minutes walk away and Olympics Park is 2.5 ,miles. This takes all the hassle away when you need to be in tip top condition for competitions. 

You are most welcome even you do not fall into any of these categories. If you have any specific needs please let us know in advance, and we would love to help you out.